Website Design & Development

About The Project

The new design you see currently for RyanFitzgerald.ca was created simply because I wanted to update the look, functionality, and general feel of my personal site. The project was also started as another way to improve my coding skills through practice and experimentation. I often find myself redesigning and redeveloping my site every little while as a way to reflect my latest skillset and also as an excuse to try new technologies and workflows out.

Related Skills

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Approach

I decided fairly easily to use PHP for the site (and WordPress for the blog) in order to be able to quickly whip up a functional, efficient site to be used in displaying my work and relevant experience. The site structure consists of a main page housing the majority of the content, followed by individual pages such as this one to showcase some projects I have worked on. Also, I created an additional blog using WordPress, being careful to closely match the theme of my main pages in order to create a more fluent user experience.

Overall, I decided to go with neutral colours and keep the layout looking simple, yet professional and allow the content of the pages to speak for itself.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald 1