Inbound Apparel

Branding and Web Development

About The Project

Inbound Apparel was an apparel company I helped create while still in High school. The company was created with 3 friends with the goal of targeting the extreme sports industry. We set out to design clothes that are were both affordable and looked great. Also, we wanted to use it as an opportunity to learn firsthand what it was like to run a small business.

Related Skills

Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Leadership, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Approach

The business started by first defining what our goals were, the market we wanted to reach, and how we were going to achieve that. After that had been figured out, it was my job to build a brand around it. I first designed the company logo, which discretely formed an “I” and a “B” for Inbound. After that, I started to research what was popular in terms of apparel designs for the niche we were targeting and came up with a few designs for the other partners to begin marketing. After we gained a bit of traction, I built a website to help us handle orders and show our current inventory, as this was all handled in person prior to this. We ran the business for nearly 2 years and learned an immense amount throughout the process regarding what works and what simply does not.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald - Inbound Apparel 1 Ryan Fitzgerald - Inbound Apparel 2 Ryan Fitzgerald - Inbound Apparel 3