Hack The North 2016 Entry

Messenger Bot

About The Project

Hack The North was a hackathon based out of Waterloo, Ontario and held September 2016. Upon entering alongside another University of Ottawa student, we decided we wanted to use the hackathon opportunity to use a new technology/concept that we have not used before and one that is gaining popularity rather quickly in recent years, chat bots. Specifically, we decided on a Messenger Chat bot that users could use to find their favourite restaurants nearby, like a personal restaurant finder.

Related Skills

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Express.js, Messenger, Azure, Yelp API

The Approach

Our approach to the Messenger chat bot was fairly straightforward. We setup a landing page online using basic HTML/CSS that explained the general concept of the chat bot and how it worked, followed by a webserver using Node/Express. Once requests were made from Messenger, we would clean the data, make the Yelp API request for the appropriate information, then return the results back to the user. Requests were fairly fast since we didn’t need to implement a database in this case.

The Devpost post can be found here.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald - Hack the North 1