Day Counter

Chrome Extension

About The Project

Day Counter is a simple Chrome Extension that appears on every new tab page in Chrome or when manually triggered. It allows you to add new day counters for past or future life events such as Birthdays, Holidays, etc. You can also easily change up settings such as colour scheme or counter size. This was created as a simple way to teach myself how Chrome extensions work and to get more familiar with how they’re created.

Related Skills

HTML, CSS / SASS, JavaScript

The Approach

To keep things straightforward, I decided to use vanilla JavaScript for the creation of this extension. Everything from appearance to functionality was coded from scratch and allowed for a great opportunity to see how Chrome extensions worked. I also used 2 third party libraries, Moment.js and PikaDay to help improve the user experience. Moment.js was used to help handle how the day counters functioned and how they were stored in browser storage and PikaDay was used to help display visually pleasing calendar widgets for the users.

The Chrome extension can be found here.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald - Day Counter 1 Ryan Fitzgerald - Day Counter 2 Ryan Fitzgerald - Day Counter 3