Website Design & Development

About The Project is a side project I have been working on for some time. The primary goal of the site was to provide a solution to a problem: there are plenty of resources to learn about your professors, but very few, if any, to learn about potential courses. In addition, I also started the project as an exercise to advance my Ruby on Rails development skills.

Related Skills

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Foundation, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

The Approach

The stack I chose for this project was Ruby on Rails + PostgeSQL paired with Foundation on the frontend. The reason I chose that specific stack was because I felt it fit the requirements I set for the site, plus it provided me with an opportunity to further my development skills using those languages and frameworks. I also used this side project as an opportunity to further my own development processes and increase efficiency. For example, I created a development, staging, and production environment to better work on code changes and ensure proper testing was completed. Also, I utilized Docker locally in order to better match my local development (on a Windows machine) to my production server (Linux box) and decrease errors associated with that.

The live site can be found here.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald - CourseFacts 1 Ryan Fitzgerald - CourseFacts 2 Ryan Fitzgerald - CourseFacts 3