Bank of Canada Landing Page + Indicators

Responsive Web Page

About The Project

As a co-op student, one of my tasks was to redesign / rework the existing homepage and try to modernize the look and fell of it, while maintaining the user experience. In addition, I was also tasked with helping create new key market indicators that would look good on any device and be accessible to anyone (including screen readers).

Related Skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

The Approach

In terms of the general page redesign / rework, I decided to go full width with the site carousel and allow the new indicators to go above it in order for them to be the first bit of content a user sees. Moreover, I shuffled around placement of content based on feedback from the team as well as from data we had on analytics (i.e. how often each feature was accessed). In terms of the indicators, those were built to stick out from the rest of the page as they are one of the most important bits of content on the page. They were also designed to be dynamic (i.e. pulling data from data marts on a schedule) and fully responsive.

The live site can be found here.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald - Bank of Canada 1 Ryan Fitzgerald - Bank of Canada 2