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About The Project

According to the Bank of Canada, on International Women’s Day, a public consultation was launched to select an iconic Canadian woman to be featured on the first bank note of our next series. Over 460 iconic Canadian women met the qualifying criteria through our selection process and the long list has now been set.

Related Skills

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Photoshop

The Approach

As a co-op student, I was tasked with finding an elegant and creative way to demonstrate the important of the campaign, and more specifically, to show all of the iconic Canadian woman who made the long list once they were selected among 460 who met the qualifying criteria. Each iconic Canadian woman who was selected to be apart of the long list by the Advisory Council has an associated bio, image, and resources to find out further information should users want. Moreover, multiple social media ties were implemented by allowing not only the ability to share the entire webpage, but to share a specific woman as well.

The live site can be found here.

The Result

Ryan Fitzgerald - Bank of Canada 1 Ryan Fitzgerald - Bank of Canada 2 Ryan Fitzgerald - Bank of Canada 3